Peter Arredondo

Admissions Coordinator


Registering and Enrolling Students

United I.S.D. welcomes all school-aged children living within the United I.S.D. boundary to attend our magnificent campuses, each with a unique atmosphere that provides a positive climate for academic success. United I.S.D. admission policies fall under the guidance of Texas Education Agency TEC §25.001.

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Our admission guidelines make it easy to re-enroll current students as well as enroll new students to the district.

Returning students
(Current Students)
Updating Online Registration

All current students are already registered and admitted to United I.S.D. Updating yearly information for next year’s registration for next school year is a simple two step process.

STEP 1- Complete and submit the Online Registration Forms through Tyler Parent Portal. The Update Online Registration will be open starting on March 19, 2018

Parents/guardians can only view and submit forms if they have a Tyler Parent Portal account and are the primary contacts for the student. Please see the campus registrar if you need assistance with access.

Access your Tyler Parent Portal account and enter your credentials. Once logged-in, select “Update Online Registration” to begin filling out the online forms.

Once you have updated the information, submit the forms for review. Confirmation will be sent through your email and any additional information as well.

Step 2 – submit proof of residence and a copy of the parent/guardian’s photo ID to the school before August 15, 2018. Your child’s campus will designate the date and time and will communicate this to you.

The student is not considered “registered” for next year until both steps are complete

United I.S.D. encourages all parents/guardian of current students to submit the online forms through their Parent Portal account as soon as possible and before the end of the current school year.

New Students to District
Current Year

The Texas Education Agency mandates that districts verify students’ eligibility for enrollment.
Admissions to our schools are based on verification in two basic criteria: Age and Residency.
These two requirements must be verified before the actual registration or admissions process begins.

  1. Age: must be between 5 and 21 ( Pre-Kinder program – must be 4 years of age on or before Sept. 1 of the school year enrolling and must qualify for the program)

In order to comply with Texas Education Agency, United I.S.D. requires that all parents/guardians who are enrolling children into our district must provide, at the time of registration, an official document showing the student’s legal name, and date of birth. This may be, but not limited to:

A. Original Birth Certificate
B. Official Passport
C. Other Official Record/Document with criteria


  1. Residency: Every parent/guardian is required to submit, at the time of registration, one of the following documents demonstrating that the student is establishing residency within the United I.S.D. boundaries.
    Assignment to a school is based on the residency.

A. Homeowner: – A water, electric or natural gas utility bill for the last or current month with name and physical address of the homeowner (parent/guardian) on the statement.
B. Not a Homeowner (Renting or Leasing) – An original lease or rental agreement signed by both parties bearing the address of the property, date of occupancy, the property owner’s name, address, phone numbers, and a list of the occupants on the leased or rented property; or a water, electric or natural gas utility bill for the last or current month with name and physical address of homeowner (parent/guardian) on the statement.

If your living arrangement is not listed above, please contact the campus registrar.

  1. Additional documents: Additional documents needed for registering and enrolling a child into United I.S.D.

A. From the parent/guardian:

United I.S.D. is also required to record the following from the parent or guardian enrolling the student. Please provide campus registrar with the following;

I. A valid form of Picture I.D. with the legal name, address, and date of birth of the parent/guardian
II. An active email account for the purpose of creating a Tyler Parent Portal Account
III. Proof of guardianship – Legal documents from court or a Texas government office (if applicable)

B. From Student

I. Up-to-date Immunization Records
II. School records or record of withdrawal from previous school
III. Original Social Security Card

All new families residing within the United I.S.D. boundary and are registering their children for the first time must go to the nearest neighborhood school based on the residency and take all of the above documents. The campus registrar will guide and assist you with the registration process. If one of the documents is missing, it may delay the registration process.

A campus registrar will take all of the information provided by parents and begin the registration process. A unique student ID is assigned to the student and a Tyler Parent Portal account is created to complete the online registration process. Parents/guardians will fill out all of the additional registration forms online as required by local policy. The information provided on these forms assists campus personnel and district programs with possible additional assistance. The Tyler Parent Portal is also useful for parents to monitor the academic status of their children at any time.

Registration is not complete until all forms have been submitted.