Manuel D. Menchaca


(956) 473-7984


Develop and administer energy and environmental management programs including accountability for the energy consumption at every level, while providing a healthy working environment for our students and staff. The department follows all City, State, and Federal regulations on environmental compliance issues and conducts indoor air quality assessments to minimize environmental hazards.

The United Independent School District continues to work on energy savings programs such as the SECO LoneStar Program to upgrade our facilities improving their energy efficiency. These improvements combined with our energy management systems contribute to the reduction of energy consumption by the school district. The school district estimated 2014-2015 electrical consumption of 60,000,000 KWh is less than the 2007-2008 benchmark school year even considering the increase in facility areas and student population.

The Department is composed of five groups.

  1. The HVAC maintenance team. They work on corrective maintenance work orders.
  2. The HVAC PM team. They work on preventive maintenance work orders.
  3. The EMS team. They manage the HVAC energy usage at each campus as well as monitor the operating state of the HVAC systems.
  4. The dispatcher. She receives our customer calls, prepares the work orders, and forwards them to the corresponding group.
  5. The environmental officer. She ensures that all the facilities comply with environmental regulations as well as attends to incidents which could affect such regulations.


Manuel D. 473-7930
Juan B. LezaEnergy & Environment
Manager 473-7941
Lizette ZamoraEnvironmental 473-7937
Stephanie SaavedraEnergy & Environment
Mgt Clerk 473-7984
Sandra MartinezPurchasing 473-7965
Jaime CarmonaHVAC 473-7985
Antonio BuentelloHVAC 473-7993
Raul Davila IIIEMS 473-7954
Sergio SolizEMS 473-7954
Fred RiojasEMS 473-7954
Frank GutierrezEMS 473-7954
Miguel A. PerezEMS 473-7954
Samantha 473-7964


Facility Rentals

United Independent School District is committed to providing school facilities for the use by the community. Primary priority is always given to the education of our students and the development of our staff. The EMS Department administers the facility use during non-school hours including weekends, evenings, and holidays. Interested patrons should contact the Office of EMS Department to arrange for space at UISD schools, buildings, and/or athletic fields. Usage fees vary depending on the type of group and space utilized. Spaces available include auditoriums, classrooms, multipurpose rooms, gymnasiums, natatorium, and athletics. Campus Principal or department Director must approve rental of facility prior to contacting EMS Department.

For additional information, please contact Stephanie Saavedra at (956) 473-7984, email or Mr. Manuel D. Menchaca at (956) 473-7930, email .

Important Insurance Note

All groups must submit proof of liability insurance at the same time the Facility Use Application Form is submitted. Liability insurance may be obtained as a separate policy or as a rider. United Independent School District must be listed as an “Additional Insured” on the insurance certificate. If you are a member of an organized group, the limits of liability are $1,000,000.00 US dollars. If you have any questions, please contact Risk Management Department at (956) 473-6233.