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Elementary Reading is a component of United Independent School District’s Curriculum & Instruction Department. The Reading Department is committed to providing services and materials to teachers, students, and our community to promote the development of independent, self-confident, literate students with the capacity to compete globally.

Program Overview

With an emphasis on instilling a lifelong enjoyment for reading, the Reading Department is committed to collaborating with teachers, parents and administrators to equip all our students with effective reading strategies. The continuous improvement of a TEKS-based, scope and sequence and CBA (Curriculum Based Assessments) will facilitate consistent, effective instruction and assessment. In addition, providing guidance through professional staff development and summer learning opportunities will empower our educators with effective reading strategies and learner-centered activities to stimulate our students’ interest for reading.

Supporting and facilitating the instructional needs of all students to become independent, self-confident, and literate with the power to compete globally is our objective.