Highly Qualified Teachers Report 2015-2016

No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Public Reporting for the Highly Qualified Teachers Summary Reports must be posted in accordance with Federal Law. The attachments are reflective for all District School Campuses in compliance with this mandate.

High School
Alexander High
Lyndon B. Johnson High
United High
United South High
Middle School
Clark Middle
Gonzalez Middle
Lamar Bruni Vergara Middle
Los Obispos Middle
Salvador Garcia Middle
Trautmann Middle
United Middle
United South Middle
Washington Middle
Elementary School
Arndt Elementary
Bonnie-Garcia Elementary
Borchers Elementary
Centeno Elementary
Clark Elementary
Col. Santos Elementary
Cuellar Elementary
Fasken Elementary
Finley Elementary
Gutierrez Elementary
Juarez-Lincoln Elementary
Kazen Elementary
Kennedy-Zapata Elementary
Killam Elementary
Malakoff Elementary
Matias de Llano Elementary
Muller Elementary
Newman Elementary
Nye Elementary
Perez Elementary
Prada Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Ruiz Elementary
Salinas Elementary
Trautmann Elementary
Veterans Memorial Elementary
Zaffirini Elementary