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What documents do I need to register my Child?

To register your child in school you will need:

  • A parent or legal guardian must register the student.
  • Proof of Residency
  • (Current utility bill or current lease/contract on apartment or house. Driver’s license is not acceptable.)
  • Legal Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Records
  • (Record must be current)
  • Student’s Social Security Card
  • (Copy needed for permanent records)
  • Last report card or withdrawal form from previous school and Formal Assessment Data
  • (If appropriate)
  • A copy of parent or guardian’s I.D. (CURRENT DRIVER’S LICENSE, DPS I.D. CARD, MILITARY I.D.)  
What are the age requirements for Pre-K and Kindergarten?
  • Pre-kindergarten: must be 4 years old on or before Sept. 1, 2017, and meet other criteria.
  • Kindergarten: must be 5 years old on or before Sept. 1, 2017.
  • First grade: must be 6 years old on or before Sept. 1, 2017.
  • Frequently Asked Questions About PreKindergarten
  • For more information, go to the Early Childhood website.
What shots / immunizations do my Children need?

Immunizations are required by law. United ISD enforces a “No Shots No School” policy. Students who do not have completed immunizations will not be allowed to register.

More information is available on the Health Services website.

Can my child take medications to school?
Where does my child go to school?

All school attendance boundaries are approved by the School Board. To see what school your address is assigned to, and for bus transportation information, go to the Boundaries and Buses website.

Where can I find school addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses?
When / How / Where do I register?
  1. All UISD returning students must register online.
  2. New-to-UISD Students. Please see “What documents do I need to register my Child?” Question.
  3. Registration Dates/Hours. For more information call (956) 473-6201.
What are the school hours?
Schedule pick up for returning Students
Where can I get a school supply list?

School supply lists are provided by each elementary campus. You may download a copy of your child’s school supply list from here: Supply List – EnglishLista de utiles – Spanish. Secondary schools do not have set supply lists. Secondary students will receive instructions regarding what they will need from each of their teachers after school begins.

Does my address qualify for bus transportation?

Information on which school bus to ride, pickup times and locations can be obtained from your child’s school after August 1. In addition, information on bus routes is available from the Boundaries and Buses website.

FREE warm and nutritious meals
How do I get a copy of the School Calendar?

You can download and/or print the school calendar.

How can I find out more about the dress code/uniforms?

To maintain an environment conducive to learning, student acceptable behavior guidelines are based on responsibility and self-discipline.

More information is available online on dress code English or Spanish.

To obtain the campus specific and most up-to-date dress code, please contact your child’s school.

Can I have access regarding my child’s attendance and academic performance?

Parental involvement is vital to student academic success and for this reason the  Parent Portal has been implemented at all United I.S.D. campuses.  The Parent Portal is a useful tool for parents and guardians to stay informed and engaged in their child’s education.  This breakthrough technology is designed to provide parents with the most current information about their child’s activities at school, which in turn, helps them direct their children in areas that require improvement.


The Parent Portal gives access to:

• View grades and transcript

• See class schedule

• Monitor attendance

• Communicate with teachers

• View current homework assignments, projects, and deadlines


We encourage all parents to register in the program by completing a Parent Portal Online Registration form which is available at your child’s campus.  Once the registration process has been completed, a password will be sent to the email address indicated on the registration form. Parents can then visit, click the Parent Portal icon, and log on by entering their email address and password.

For additional information, please contact the Department of Information Technology or by phone at (956) 473-6370. 

Does my school offer after school care?

Some Elementary Schools in United ISD offer after school care/activities. For more information call (956) 473-6301.

How do I find out about bilingual services?

The United ISD Bilingual Department offers a variety of Bilingual and ESL services to help students be successful. More information is available at the Bilingual Department website or by phone at (956) 473-5242.

How do I find out about UISD special education services?

United ISD has a high-quality Special Education Department, serving more than 3,000 students identified as qualifying for special education and related services. For additional information, visit the Special Education website or by phone at (956) 473-2047.

How do I find out about UISD Gifted/Talented (GT) education services?

United ISD offers an array of gifted/talented (GT) services for identified students K‑12. More information is available at the Gifted/Enrichment website or by phone at (956) 473-2026.

Where can I learn more about athletics?

Information is available from the United ISD’s Athletics website or by phone at (956) 473-7120.

Testing Dates

Please visit the United ISD’s Student Assessment website or by phone at (956) 473-2020.

When is graduation?

Commencements ceremonies will be held as follows:

Friday, June 1, 2018 

  • United High School at 6:00 pm

Saturday, June 2, 2018

  • Alexander High School at 9:30 am
  • United South High School at 1:30 pm
  • Lyndon B. Johnson High School at 6:30 pm

All commencement ceremonies will be held at The Laredo Energy Arena. 

When is the sales tax holiday and what is included?

United ISD shoppers will get a break from state and local sales taxes on Aug. 5-7, 2016. A complete list of items and their exemption status is available on the Texas Comptroller’s website.


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School Supply List
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